Episode 218, FINISH HIM!

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It’s still Finishuary!

Items discussed in this podcast:

Don’t forget to support the knitting community!
Don’t forget that we still need to fight racism and that USA’s racist past has consequences for today.

Add your finished objects to the group thread.

Episode 217, Finishuary 2019

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Finally on the mend from numerous illnesses over the winter! And just in time for Finishuary 2019. Can’t wait to see what you are working on! Pop on over to the Ravelry group and show off your projects!

Episode 216 – Use what you’ve got

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In this ep I do have to frequently stop to cough. Hopefully you won’t notice it being disjointed as I tried to make sure I picked up right back in the same sentence. 🙂

In this episode:

Mistborn – a book

Mending Matters – a book

Visible Mending – not a book, a concept. Although, technically, there is a book too!

Knitting things out of scraps but making them look planned/sophisticated


Episode 215, Scattershot

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Welcome to my scattered universe. Hope you enjoy this week’s ramblings as well as the announcement (FINALLY) of our Finishuary 2018 winner(s)!


Winner was supposed to be Empyress but she had kindly offered the prize, so I will contact her to work out a prize for her and I had to choose a secondary winner to accept her prize. The secondary winner is Midnightfarm!

The rest is just me being me. Hope you enjoy!


~ Miss K


Episode 214, Use Your Voice!

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Episode 214 is about Knitting, Knitting, and Knitting.

What I am knitting, what I finished knitting, what I want to be knitting.

It’s also about books – I think  my next book will be Homegoing  for those who are interested. For those which aren’t may I suggest something from Gail Carriger’s catelogue? I especially enjoyed Romancing the Inventor.

Oh, and I also encourage you to vote with your dollars and not support companies run by  bigots and that you do whatever you can to change the US policy of separating families at the border. I encourage you to check out the knitmore girls refugee blanket square sponsorship project. I was texting with Jasmin earlier today and I love the idea!


But most of all, I encourage you to USE YOUR VOICE in every way possible to help these families. This is not a partisan issue, this is an ethical issue.


(also mentioned is Penzey’s Spices a company I am NOT affiliated with but support)

Episode 213, Mea Culpa

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Episode is a fair amount of me babbling, to be sure, but it’s about knitting, so it counts, right?

Anyway, I cover wash cloths, finishuary, car knitting on a shawl, socks, and spinning easter egg dyed roving.

I also muse a little on the intersectionality or lack there-of in traditional feminism. Honestly, I’m still processing the literature on it I have been reading.


As always, feel free to send me hate mail, love mail, suggestions, questions, and comments!

Episode 212, The More Things Change the More They Stay the Same

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Episode 212 is me rambling. Like, literally just me rambling. I mean, I am good at it, but you should be forewarned that this is the meat of the podcast.

Episode 211 – It’s not so easy being green

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Ep 211 is apparently about not starting a shawl, wanting to start a sweater, and patching my pants?

Episode 210 – April No-Foolin’!

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In this Ep I mostly ramble about gardening, how having kids has impacted my time, the itch to create, and how I need breaks from periods of deep focus. So, basically nothing important. Now, I’m going to go fold laundry and watch Grey’s Anatomy until I can spin the rest of the day.

Episode 209, Finishu…..March?

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Can you believe that I forgot Finishuary altogether?! Who even am I? I have been running this contest since I coined the phrase, what, 5, 7, 9 years ago? Who knows? It was a long time ago at any rate. So anyway, we are extending it through March. Let’s get this done!